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Apr 4

We're excited to be your Belleville lawn mowing company, IL


Our lawn mower service Belleville has been perfected over the years. Our humble beginnings were made during a course. We were taught all the secrets to keeping an attractive lawn. In time, these trade secrets have helped us to provide a excellent service to our customers. Our bi-weekly mowing program is a favorite of 2/3 customers. If you own an area of quarter-acre and you require an mowing service bi-weekly we can assist. Although the frequency of cutting grass can vary from one property to the next, it is recommended that you maintain your grass at a constant pace. Too long between cuttings can cause stress to the plant, and result in an unhealthy lawn, or even bald spots. Focus Lawns recommends weekly or bi-weekly mowing to keep your lawn green and healthy.


Our average quarter acre lot price is $40. It might seem expensive but we're in fact priced lower than most businesses that are located in the St. Louis area. We are here to build lasting relationships with our clients. We are more than just an amount. We enjoy interacting with people and are able to assist with chores that are often difficult and stress-inducing. Call us today at the number below to make an appointment and get a no-cost estimate for your lawn.


We understand that lawn mowing services in Belleville, IL can only mow for certain months out of the year. We are also able to help with general yard cleanup such as leaf removal in the fall, and storm damage cleanup. We can also help with landscaping services for those who are planning to make some changes to your lawn or garden. Feel free to reach out to us with any landscaping needs as well. We also put up Christmas lights during the holidays Don't forget to reach us for any assistance in Christmas light hanging!

We understand that you value your time. We will come out to provide an honest quote to ensure that you are happy with the service that we provide. Contact us today to make an appointment and get an estimate. It is helpful if you are aware of the size of your lawn.


What's the cost for lawn care services Belleville IL?


Well not all lawns are identical, so giving you a number without ever looking at your lawn is not out of the question. Our lawn maintenance services Belleville IL are very competitively priced. Our pricing and cost are based on many factors. If your yard is hard to get equipment back to, we might have to utilize smaller equipment which would take longer to complete and would be more expensive. Also, we consider the dimensions of your yard. It's more costly to buy a quarter-acre lot as opposed to one-acre lot.


Focus Lawns makes it easy to keep track of your lawn's needs. You can sign up for recurring lawn care services, saving you money and time. Your services will be provided on a regular basis, whether it's each month, bi-weekly, or weekly, based on the requirements of your. You can choose how often you would like certain services to be completed. You are able to either add or delete services at any time, or defer a service if you require it. All you need to do is call to request for a change in the service you receive.

You can rest in the knowledge that all scheduling details are handled and you are able to make any changes you want. Get a quote customized for your property and service mix in a matter of minutes.

The larger the yard, the more time it will take to trim it that plays a big role in our estimation process. We also consider the state of your lawn. If you have let your lawn go and it's now just one or two feet high the cost will be higher to trim the lawn and tidy up the yard waste. Because they don't know if you will use them again, many Belleville IL lawn care companies will charge an additional fee to cut your lawn one time. It isn't easy to keep your lawn looking great and maintain it. We can't promise to do miracles for a yard that's been neglected will take some time and cash to bring it back to its best. We're pleased to offer you a quote for your yard.  Come and learn more on our website:

Contact our Belleville lawn-care business now!


Our Belleville lawn care service will save you money on equipment maintenance. We can maintain our own equipment as well as have the capability to hire additional help for completing the job. Mowing equipment can be expensive and maintaining a mower requires time and money to ensure it can last for a long time. We often see people giving the mowers away that appear like they've not been taken care of throughout the years. Imagine paying thousands of dollars in order to maintain your lawn.

Lawn care in the Metro East is probably the final thing you'll ever think about every day. It's too hot and long to be stuck in front of a lawnmowers in St. Louis. Instead of risking sunburns and heat stroke, delegate your lawn care to Focus Lawns. We have a vast and committed network of professionals in the local area willing to transform your yard into something that rivals the beauty of your local golf course!


Cool winters and long hot summers that bring more rain than the average for the country means greater growth of the vegetation. Growing more vegetation means more time spent spreading fertilizer, fighting weeds, and raking up leaves. Focus Lawns can connect you with the best expert for your outdoor area, from Baden to Patch. Focus Lawns is currently hiring out a lot of our fertilizing jobs because of regulations regarding insurance and licensing.

Give us a call today to get an estimate and find out what we can do to manage your lawn for the coming season. After the first year, you may decide you prefer having a Belleville lawn service take care of all your chores. We enjoy helping people become self-sufficient when it comes to having for them to take care of their lawns and landscaping. Your time is precious. Don't waste it the lawn maintenance and let us help!

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