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5 Steps to Control Erosion on Steep Slopes & Embankments

Apr 11

The majority of soil will stay put. It is therefore important to understand how to maintain topsoil.

There are many methods to prevent erosion from steep slopes. These are just a few of the many ways to stop erosion from steep slopes.

Grass and Shrubs are the best

It is best to prevent soil erosion by planting grass and shrubs. It makes it harder for them to dislodge or erode the soil. Ornamental grasses and low-spreading shrubs are best as they don't allow any soil to be exposed to the elements.

Use Erosion Control Blankets to add vegetation to slopes

There are many options for fiber, compost and biodegradable blankets/mats on the market. There are many types of fiber, compost, and biodegradable blankets/mats on the market.

Create terraces

If you are trying to prevent erosion from steep slopes or embankments, it may be impossible to plant vegetation. It is possible that the steep slopes are too steep to allow any other grass to survive erosion. Bio-mechanical solutions, such as the Cascadia Green Wall that uses Filter Soxx for filling in with natural mulch/seeds or geogrid to provide structural support are also possible.

To stop drainage, create diversions

Depending upon the slope of the embankment, diversions can help channel water down the slope. Properly designed and installed, gutters and pipes can be just as effective as natural drainages.

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