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Should You Put Fertilizer Down Before Laying Sod?

Apr 20

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Are we going to put fertilizer before laying sod?

A beautiful landscape can always attract every person that looks at it. We can’t help but appreciate it because it is indeed pleasing to our eyes. No wonder why there are people who spend thousands on that alone. It is just worth it. It relaxes our busy thoughts and gives us fresh, clean air as we breathe. That is the least that we could do to contribute to our environment.

When we say landscape, installing sod is one of the essential plants present because it adds beauty and texture to the lawn. It also prevents soil erosion and those unwanted grass that we never want to be there. Some busy people find companies that offer sod services to have a golf course vibe in their yard. At the same time, some are just game to doing it by themselves and making it their pastime.

So to those who love to try it, here are some tips for you. You should know when is the right time to install or lay new sod to avoid wasted effort because Florida might be a Sunshine State, but we still have the winter season, which is not a good time for planting it. And before laying the new sod, we should put fertilizer and mix it on the soil. Why is it before and not after installing the sod? That is to make the soil rich and healthy to give needed nutrients to the new sod. It will help the roots grow firmly into the ground because dry soil without fertilizer will absorb the moisture of the newly installed sod. Once the turf roots are now established, expect to have a green bushy sod. You should also water it appropriately and avoid stepping your foot on the newly installed sod.

Those who find it hard to have time to maintain their landscape garden to be attractive and well managed just search for local companies that can install and do it for you. It is always better to let the experts do what they are doing best.