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Important Reasons Why You Should Use A Clothesline

Jun 8

Using an outdoor clothesline can offer consumers plenty of unexpected benefits and it is an indisputable fact that a clothesline is one of the most economical, energy-saving, and eco-friendly ways to dry your clothes. We are living in a time where everyone is focused on anything that can save energy in order to “save our planet”. An outdoor clothesline neatly falls into this very important concern. Some of the most important reasons why Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes are so beneficial include saving money, energy, the environment, and increasing the life expectancy and overall fresh appearance of clothing.

Saving the Environment

Powering up an electric or gas clothes dryer in summer when temperatures are already hot and uncomfortable indoors is something we all would like to avoid. In addition, making use of a clothes dryer at any time of the year is an absolute waste of energy when an outdoor clothesline can be used to naturally dry your clothes in the heat of the sun or a fresh wind blowing through the fabric, all of which is absolutely for free.

Most homes and offices consistently run air conditioning units during the hot summer months to maintain a comfortable temperature. If a clothes dryer is being used at the same time this can place an increased strain on the electricity grid and may even cause an overload resulting in unwanted power outages. Since an outdoor clothesline uses no resources other than the sun, wind, and dry outdoor air it places no strain whatsoever on the electricity grid. Therefore it can safely be said that outdoor clotheslines contribute directly to saving energy and the environment as well.

Saving Money

Since outdoor umbrella-style clotheslines require no energy costs whatsoever and need little or no routine maintenance, consumers are able to save a lot of money on their energy and maintenance bills year after year. Typically, an outdoor clothesline is a durable and inexpensive one-time purchase that is very economical, efficient, and virtually cost-free to use day after day. This is also a remarkably gentle and natural way to dry clothes and other household items that prolongs the life and shape of the fabric.

In complete contrast to this, indoor electric or gas-powered clothes driers are one of the most costly appliances to operate in an average household. In addition, the use of these appliances is known to increase carbon pollution in the atmosphere and result in much higher energy usage. The cost of purchasing an indoor clothes dryer is also much more expensive than any type of outdoor clothesline.

Increasing the Life of Your Clothes

Because clothing is allowed to dry naturally the life of your clothes will be significantly prolonged. Just check the air filter of your dryer to see how much fabric in the form of fluff is removed from your clothing during the drying process which makes them less dense and more likely to wear out sooner.

Crisp, refreshing summer breezes, and the warmth of sunlight provide your clothing with a fresh, pleasant feeling. There is truly nothing more comforting than freshly air-dried bed sheets and pillowcases to sleep on and nothing can beat the warm, pleasant aroma of wearing clean clothes that have just been dried in the heat of the sun. The refreshing feel and gentle touch of air-dried clothing is a delightful experience, to say the least.

Another positive benefit of outdoor drying is hanging white clothing out in the sun so that the rays of the sun can help remove stains while the artificial and harsh heat from an indoor clothes dryer can actually set stains permanently, making them impossible to remove. Sunlight also destroys dust mites and any bacteria that may still be lingering in the fabric after a wash.