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Dead Grass vs Dormant Grass

Sep 19

It is annoying to see brown grass on your lawn, and it appears very strange on a green lawn. First, check to see if the grass is dead or dormant before searching for a solution. Because providing your grass with insufficient nutrients and water can also cause it to turn brown, it is impossible to know whether the grass is dead by looking at it. So let's move on to the most fundamental distinctions between the two to determine whether your grass is extinct or dormant and how a professional lawn care service can help you.


Analyse Dormancy.

The period of dormancy is when the lawn sleeps. It might be either the summer or the winter. When extreme heat and drought overwork the grass, summer dormancy occurs.


Dormant Grass: What is it?

Although the grass appears to be dead to the human eye, a little area known as the crown is still alive. When the environment is more favourable or enough water available, the grass grows into a robust turf. Any grass can go dormant for up to six weeks without any adverse effects. However, if the time is extended, there might be a loss in the turf; plan on a loss of roughly 25% after each additional week.

Causes of Dormancy

The type of grass on your lawn determines why it goes into dormancy. Warm season grasses go dormant in the winter, while cold season grasses do so in the summer. Dormancy is most commonly caused by:


To endure the severe and prolonged weather.

To activate its innate natural defence system.

Low water availability

Dead Grass: What Is It?

It can be challenging to find dead grass on your lawn. Because it is trying to defend itself from challenging environmental conditions, grass in the dormant stage may be dead. Wait till the dormant season is over and see if the grass starts to grow again in the spring. You can continue watering the lawn after the minimal period to check if the grass has emerged from its dormant state.

Reasons for Dead Grass


The most common reason for dead grass is that the grass was not watered sufficiently or at all. They are likely dead if you see dried-out, brown patches on your lawn. This is because the grassroots have died due to a lack of water and nutrients, causing the blades of grass to turn brown and die.


Lawn care professionals can help determine if your grass is dead or just dormant. They will also be able to provide you with the necessary services to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and green all year round.


Lawns are a considerable investment, so don't take risks by figuring out whether the grass is dead or just dormant on your own. Instead, get in touch with a professional today to get the help you need.

The Tug Test

This test can determine whether the grass is dormant or dead:

  1. Choose a spot or region where the grass is brown.
  2. Take a handful of grass; if it comes out quickly and without resistance, the grass is dead. Once the dead grass has been removed, you can add sod or seed to create new turf.
  3. Provide the seeded area with the necessary nutrients and water.

Patterns in the lawn

Your grass may be in one of two stages: dormant or dead. You can infer that the grass is dormant if the entire yard is brown. However, you may tell the grass is dead if you see distinct patterns or patches of brown grass. To determine the actual cause of the fading grass, you must seek the assistance of an expert.

Climate or Temperature Changes

The primary causes of the dormancy or death of the grass on your lawn are variations in the weather and temperature. In the summer, most cool-season grasses will go dormant, while warm-season grasses do the same in the winter. However, the grass will regenerate once the conditions are favourable for growth because it is still alive.

Adhere to the watering schedule

Any grass that enters a dormant stage is primarily due to a lack of water. The appropriate quantity of water will restore the green colour to brown grass. Dead grass remains dead, whereas dormant grass regenerates after receiving enough water.

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