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Which tool is used for cutting grasses and weeds?

Oct 5

A healthy lawn requires the use of high-quality tools. Using the right tool for your lawn makes maintaining your lawn easy. Check out our Lawn Care Tools complete guide. 

 Moreover, Our lawn care tips will help you keep your yard looking great, regardless of its size.

Top Grass and Weed Cutting Tools

String trimmer

A string trimmer can be a useful tool for trimming grass and weeds in areas that your mower cannot reach. You can also be agile around obstacles such as fences, mailboxes, and trees. A few trimmer models have an adjustable head. You can easily equip your lawn with an edger by turning a pivot.


These long-handled tools can be used to dig, spread and gather. There are a surprising number of them. For spreading dirt, spreading mulch, separating rocks from the soil and other tasks, a rigid, metal-toothed gardening or garden rake will work well. A flexible plastic leaf rake is better for removing dead leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from your lawn.


A pair of gardening shears is essential for trimming tree limbs, shrubs, and vines. For ornamental plants, hand-held pruning shears can be used. However, larger hedge shears are better suited for shrubbery. A pair of looping shears is a great way to maintain the appearance of your trees and prevent overgrowth.


A single-handed agricultural tool, such as a sickle, bagging hook, or reaping hook, is one that has curved blades. It can be used to harvest or rape, cut grain crops, or for cutting succulent forage for livestock.

Hand trowel

This little lawn tool is a gem! You can use it as a small shovel to dig holes for planting bulbs and seedlings or to root out weeds. Multi-tools can be found in some models with serrated blades or markings that enable you to measure the depth of your garden excavations.