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Should you mow wet grass?

Oct 18

It is best to wait until the wet grass has dried before you mow. If left unranked, damp grass clippings could block your mower and cause it to choke.

How can you mow wet grass?

Many homeowners have asked this question after a light rainstorm that ruined their weekend plans or after finding their lawn wet from heavy dew. You shouldn't cut your grass when it's still wet. It would be best if you waited for the grass to dry before you started the lawnmower.

Why you shouldn't mow wet grass

1 - Health of Your Lawn

"The main reason not to cut wet grass is that if there's a disease in your lawn, which tends to be more common when it is wet often from excessive rainfalls, the mower can spread the disease around your yard," Dr Joey Williamson, an expert on residential horticulture at Clemson U. He also said that spreading wet seeds to lawn weeds could increase the likelihood of them going to seed.

2 - Clogging and Clumping

Mowers are not able to cut grass cleanly when it is wet, even with a blade. Wet clippings can block your mower's edge, making it dangerous to use. The wet clippings can be choked by mowers, which will spit out damp grass clumps. If they are not raked, the clusters can smother and kill your grass, leaving behind ugly dead spots.

3: The Danger of Slipping

Wet grass is slippery. Pushing a running mower increases the chance of falling, mainly if your lawn slopes.

4 - Wheel Ruts

When soil is too wet, it can cause soggy conditions. You should not mow grass when it is very wet. This can cause unsightly wheel-ruts and could lead to grass tearing.

5 - Stained Clothes

Next time you are walking on wet, cut grass, make sure to check your shoes. You can stain your boots and clothes more easily with freshly cut damp grass than with dry grass. This makes cleaning up after a day of yard work more challenging.

If it must be mowed

If the ground is wet, you feel a sinking sensation underfoot, or if there is a visible pool of water, park the mower in the garage. If that is the case, Az lawn service has some suggestions.

  • To reduce the volume of clippings, raise the mower's height.
  • Reduce the width of your swatch when you mow so that less grass is cut each time.