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Why is Seasonal Lawn Care Important?

Oct 29

Everyone desires a beautiful, lush lawn that is the envy of all their neighbors. You need to take care of your lawn all year and for this, you can hire our professional landscaping company Lynnwood wa. You can have a beautiful lawn by following our correct tasks and keeping up with seasonal maintenance. 

It's easy to get the lush lawn you desire. All you need is a few seasonal Lawncare Lynnwood tips. Let's take you through the top tips for maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn in each season.


Although lawn care is not something we think about as often in Lynnwood winters, it is just as important. You can take care of your lawn even when it is cold.

  • Plan ahead If it is so cold and snowy outside that it is impossible to maintain your lawn, plan ahead to make sure you have everything in place before it gets too cold. The wintertime can be used to prepare for spring. This is a time to schedule spring maintenance chores, tune up your lawn mower and sharpen the blades, and plan any new plantings or landscaping.
  • Limit lawn traffic. Even though the lawn may be in its winter dormancy, it is important to protect it from damage by not parking cars or driving on it. This can cause the grass to become brittle and encourage weed growth later in the season.
  • Snow and ice care: Winter in many places means lawn care is more concerned with dealing with snow and/or ice. When plowing or shoveling, be careful not to damage the grass. Salt or other ice-melting products should not be used on sidewalks. This can cause damage to healthy lawns.
  • Winter lawn services: You can still benefit from professional lawn care services, including weed control and ornamental plant care, snow removal services, and many other services.


Spring is the prime season for lawn care, repairing damage from winter, and getting ready for warmer months. These are the most important things to remember in spring:

  • Spring Cleaning: After the snow melts away, clean up your lawn by raking any leaves and sticks that remain.
  • Applying fertilizer Spring is a great time to fertilize your lawn as it wakes up from dormancy. It all depends on the weather and climate. Before applying fertilizer, let the grass grow naturally.
  • Spring is the best time to tackle pest control and weed management. Use treatments to keep pests and weeds away from your lawn as it comes back to life.
  • Spring watering: In spring, the ground is usually still wet so water carefully. It is a good rule to water the ground no more than 1 inch per week. However, it is important to keep an eye on moisture levels and not overwater.
  • Landscaping installation: It's a great time to install new landscaping in your yards, such as a firepit area or wall. You can also make lawn improvements such as patios and walkways. Get ready for summer fun all year long by getting started now.


Most of us think about lawn care and enjoyment in the summer. This is the season when your lawn is at its most active and growing. It also needs the most care. These are the most important considerations to make for your lawn in the summer.

  • Mowing This is one of the most important lawn maintenance tasks during the summer. Many people make the mistake of mowing too frequently or cutting back on the lawn. It's easier to maintain a healthy lawn by doing less mowing, or by setting the mower for a longer summer mow.
  • Watering: Spring is the best time to increase your lawn watering. Also, make sure that the grass doesn't get too dry. Make sure your sprinkler system is working properly by spring or early Summer. Also, you should determine the type of soil that you have and observe the weather conditions in order to calculate how much water your lawn needs.
  • Weeds & pest control: If they aren't controlled, weeds can thrive in the summer heat. The summer season is ideal for many kinds of pests which can cause more damage to your lawn.


Mowing and watering lawns may not stop as summer winds down. As this prevents excessive leaf buildup and mold, you can mow your lawn a little shorter than in summer. This is the best time to remove leaves and other debris from the lawn. These fall lawn care tips will ensure your lawn is healthy.

  • Fertilize A slow-release fertilizer is used in the fall to ensure that your lawn has enough nutrients. For best results, fertilize the lawn when it is damp.
  • Seeding Although it may seem counterproductive, fall is a great time to start seeds. This is the last major growth phase before winter sets in. This is a great time for you to overseed your lawn and work on any bare spots.
  • Lawn Aeration: Fall can be a great time for aerating your lawn. This is an important step many homeowners might skip. The core aerator or a special spade is used to push small holes in the lawn, allowing air and water to reach roots. Aerating your lawn can give you a much healthier lawn come spring.


This Lynnwood lawn care guide will help you keep your yard healthy throughout the year. Landscaping company Lynnwood wa can provide professional assistance in maintaining your lawn, no matter what season. We offer customized lawn care solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Call us today for a quote on lawn services.